I was not magnificent I chased everyone away within my sight 

Now there’s whiskey on my left side

And gin on my right 

Someone send me an angel, im chasing demons away tonight 

With my words slurrin, world twirlin, I can’t walk without hurlin 

I don’t fear the shadow of death because my vision won’t stop blurin

This self-destructive life has gotten way too alluring 

Or is this feeling that’s what’s keeping me alive?

Is it too late to save my soul?

Will I ever be alright? 

But I’m a warrior,

so you’ll never see me cry 

At the rate that im going,

I think you’ll sooner see me die 

I’m a mess

I need a bullet in my chest 

I need to swallow a couple pills 

I just need to go greet death 

I’m sorry, it might be hard to hear this 

My sickness, word vomit 

I just hope you can forgive it

I’ve caused nothing good, just pain 

And If I really think about it

I probably stole all that I gained 

I’m worthless,

I promised I’d never sink this low

This is why I hate opening up

I know how these talks go 

So no

Don’t waste your breath 

Don’t try and help 

I’m looking in the mirror

I really hate myself 

Yes, I know that I’ve been blessed

But what good is that 

When I can’t find any good left 

And Even im disgusted

And even im disgusted by the skeletons that I found 

my closet is overflowing 

I don’t know what I’m doing

I guess this is what it’s like

To try and kill yourself

Will my life end in a period 

My flame snuffed out 

Will I be finally defeated 

Or will I fail at this too

What more can I not do

Is it time for game over 

Or is it To be continued like 


help me pick up the pieces 

I’ve got to be stronger than this 

I know I can beat it

Everyone’s expecting me to fail

Deep down, maybe I am too 

When I was at my lowest,

Who could I turn to 


Stop putting everything on yourself 

You aren’t a one man army 

It isn’t weakness to ask for help 

I know,

I mean what are friends and family for

This was all just something Id rather deal with myself 

I’m better 

I look back at my own weakness

Even I can’t believe that I was almost defeated 

I’m finally starting to love myself 

I don’t need to be perfect 

I love the cards I’ve been dealt 

I know that I am worth it

I probably had you scared 

I’m sorry 

I had myself scared too

With everything I would have gave up 

How could I have been such a fool

I survived the darkness in my life 

If you’re going through it so will you

I’m going to be magnificent 

I’m going to be magnificent 

And you’ll be magnificent too


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