Black America 

How can you say that we’re equals

When we have to fear walking the streets 

Fear we might encounter a “hero” holding some heat 

Not summer, but a gun dangling at the edge of their feet 

Is this the Land of the free?

The place that MLK dreamed?

First Trayvon now Michael 

Where is the justice we seek?

I’m terrified of even writing this 

And painting a target on my back 

Now I’m young, black, and rebellious 

The media hates that 

Will I be labeled a thug?

Will they say I deserved it?

Lord if you let them take me tonight 

Just let my death be worth it

Stop us from living in fear,

Making mothers cry for their sons 

Stop taking people so young

My children shouldn’t have to fear for their lives

 before it’s even begun 

And I am under the influence 

I need to be numb to this 

I don’t want to feel the pain

In case the bullets hit 

Forgive me for slurring my words

Forgive me for not walking steady 

But don’t forgive me for my skin tone

I know saying that could be deadly

And it’s a shame

Some things will never change 

It doesn’t matter how long ago we were being whipped and chained 

It doesn’t matter, that we fought to be free

All the freedom in the world won’t get these cuffs off of me

Who do we run to for protection 

In this supposed land of the free?

Certainly not the police 

Will they even call my mom 

When they leave me dead in the street?


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