Verbal foreplay

It all began with a kiss,

A kiss upon lips so soft like marshmallows that left me floating on a cloud perhaps even greater than 9,

And then we looked into eachothers eyes; those beautiful eyes that reflected her soul, doubts, fears and all. And I knew, that we both knew, that we didnt know if we were soul mates, If this was love or even if we belonged together. All we knew, all that I knew, was that we lusted one another.


Her lips parted, like I longed for her legs to and the next thing I know, our tongues were doing the tango, the waltz, and gyrating with one another while my hands caressed her soft body. A tug on the bottom of her shirt to test the waters; when I stuck a pinky in to make sure the waters were just right, she invited me to dive in head first; within seconds her shirt and bra were on the floor.


Exposed, or atleast halfway there I had to take a moment or two to let my eyes soak in her form like a sponge. But I realized time was of the essence and of course our time together wasn’t limited so I didn’t have to rush but I feared her body may be working on a different clock than mine and it was trying to hurry and get off; so I kissed her again. Not on her lips this time but on her unsuspecting neck. And again on her collar bone; once more just above her breast. And now upon her soft mounds or perhaps I should say mountains before I let my entire mouth wrap itself around the tiny hard part of her mountain tops that stood readily at attention; like two eyes they watched me always staring, never blinking. So I went to work like a high powered vacuum; sucking and licking, the occasional nibble if she’s nasty switching from left to right and back again because we all know equal pleasure is what gets them wetter.


Time stood still in my mind but to her it must have been too long, because soon her eyes reopened and I felt her push me off so that instead of her, I was the one on my back like a turtle who couldn’t get up. Like a magician whipping the cloth off a fully decorated table, my pants were tossed aside like Christmas present wrapping paper, which was perfect because inside was a gift to her. A soft “oh”, she licked her lips, her eyes opened wide and once again she parted her lips but this time wide, while she moved closer trying to figure out exactly how she would fit it all inside. And well, she must have been a magician because the next thing I know my favorite part of me was gone with the wind, no trace survived.


She continued on, trying to get what was inside but I explained to her even thought they may look it, these aren’t no wonderballs and nothing inside should be a surprise and besides it wasn’t time for that; not yet anyway. So once again we switched our positions so she was on her back again with her teeth sinking into her lips because she was yearning for more; and of course I planned to deliver. But first we had to rid ourselves of this final bit of cloth that blocked the pathway to the lips that I wanted to kiss from the very start. But you know me, I’m never the type to rush; to jump recklessly in without having all the moves planned out so I waited a little and started at her knee, using my tongue as a paintbrush to make a mark from there to her thighs. Just a little more now, just a little higher, I was happy that she was bald like an eagle because I could see all of what I desired. This time I figured I’d let my tongue do the talking, so I finally dove in and gave it my all. It was like eating an ice cream cone, because every time I licked up the part of her that began to drip, it seemed like it just dripped even more.


When she was wet enough that I had to be careful not to drown, in between her pants and moans I finally heard her shout, “please just make lust to me!” since she wasnt sure if she was ready or even worthy enough to experience love. But for me that was enough because to be quite honest love sometimes is too much and I wasn’t ready to be hurt like I normally am. So I went in; it felt like I might get stuck but I figured thats probably because I belonged there. I don’t know how I could possibly focus on anything else when all I could feel was her digging her nails in my back, my name flowing from her mouth like the chorus on a track. But she; in between her expression of ectasy must have realized she was sick of being submissive and like a cat fight we rolled around to switch our positions, until she found herself on top.


It was cute, I admit, for her to think she could dominate the dominant so I let her have her fun and treat my body like a trampoline and bounce up and down until enough was enough and I made her fall over. I should have felt guilty; having her on all fours like an animal but then again the way we both were acting was like animals so I figured shed get over it, and from the sounds she was making I’d say I was right.


I felt like I was abusing her, the way I was pounding again and again with no end in sight, with no break in between, and no rest for the weary. And just when I felt like I should ask her if she needed to pause, she warned me she felt like she was about to explode. So I told her don’t hold back baby you can let it all go, I’m trying to feel that waterfall rainforest flow. And finally we collapsed, both exhausted, our bodies still intertwined like twizzlers.


I don’t know if this was love, if we were soul mates, or if we belonged together. But all I knew that it was lust; and that was enough.


Verbal foreplay; now let’s make it physical


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