The coworker

“Meet me at my place in an hour.” His whisper caused the hairs on the back of May’s neck to stand on end. She brushed a stray strand of her dark brown hair out of her slightly lighter colored eyes. She hadn’t even seen her assailant come up before he verbally attacked her eyes, but she knew the voice all too well. A small smirk appeared on her pink lips as she listened to his footsteps walk away from behind her.

“Hey, May! Are you joining the after party?” Her coworker’s voice pulled her out of her daydream before it even began. She glanced at her coworker, and then at the clock, before her eyes settled on the mirror-like globe in front of her. She was wearing her favorite, black dress which was nice for the office party, but not quite as nice for what she was about to do. She kept a change of clothes in her car, but she had no intentions of blowing her little secret by changing where someone could see.

“Um…no. I’ve got prior engagements, I’m sorry.” Before any further questions could be made, May excused herself from the party and traveled directly to her car. She hated office parties, but she hated being alone on a Friday night even more. Not that where her night was about to head was going to be much better. She was excited at first, when she heard his voice, but the more she gave it thought, the more frustrated she got. Her thoughts carried her all the way to his house; despite her best efforts to arrive late, she managed to arrive on time. She had changed out of her dress rather quickly, which was attributed to all the practice she had changing clothes in her car recently. She found herself wearing a lavender tank top that was just low enough to show an iota of cleavage and a pair of light colored jeans. Nothing fancy in the slightest, and she purposely avoided wearing anything that left her too exposed. She didn’t even have to knock on the door. Once she got up the final step to his apartment, he swung the door open.

“Right on the dot.” This time, he was the one smirking; His white teeth contrasting his dark skin. His dark eyes peered into May’s, which was an act of considerable effort by itself considering he towered over her by five or six inches. She had known him well enough to be able to read his face and knew exactly what he was expecting. But she had other plans.

“Dante, look we need to talk.” May had walked in and shut the door behind her, and decided to remain in front of the door so that after she said what she needed to say, she could just leave. “This has to stop. I know the rules of the office. I know that we can’t really be official because we’ll end up out of a job, but I can’t keep doing this. The sneaking around, the secret meetings, I feel more alone than if I never had met you. So…that’s why I came here. Just to say that…” She had to fight back tears partially because her mascara would run, but mostly because she didn’t want him to see her cry. She really did like him. Love him even. And she was sure that he loved her back, or at the very least thought it was more than sex. But they were doomed from the start, as if their story was written by Shakespeare. He said, but smiled again and took a step towards her. She took a step back. He took another step forward. The process continued until she felt her back hit the door. “No.” His hand tipped her chin and lifted it slightly. “No.” He leaned down and was mere inches away from her face. “No.” His lips met hers for an instant before pulling away. And then again, for a split second longer. His lips were soft…inviting….and drained her will to fight. When he went for a third kiss, she met him halfway with her own soft lips.

Their lips remained pressed together for much longer than the previous two times; their tongues dancing in one another’s mouth while his dark hands touched her ivory skin. Just the back of arms at first, but then they slid down lower sending shivers down her spine. He lingered purposely around her ass, but inevitably continued on to her legs and lifted her up. Startled, May wrapped her arms around his neck, and the two headed to the bedroom. Dante laid her down on her back, gently, before pinning May down and attacking her neck with his lips.

“You’re going to leave a hickey.” She barely managed to get the words to leave her lips while she enjoyed the attention.

“I’m marking my territory.” His response was nearly immediate, as his lips left her neck and planted themselves on her collarbone. They moved lower down her chest, while he used his hand to pull her tank top down and expose her ample sized breasts that were hidden away by her tan bra. Dante looked almost upset by the fact that she was wearing one, but quickly went to work removing it. Her luscious mounds exposed; Dante’s mouth enveloped her pink nipples and he began sucking slowly, making sure to switch from breast to breast. Then he added a gentle nibble, followed by letting his tongue flick her nipples. A few soft moans escaped her lips, and grew a bit louder when he began using his hands to grope and massage her breast while he continued to go to work on her nipples. He stopped what he was doing to pull her tank top off and toss it on the floor, and kissed down her petite frame. He was moving past her ribs, past her navel, stopping right at her waist so that he could slide her pants and panties off.

She spread her legs apart for him without question and shuddered from the shockwave of pleasure that erupted in her body when he kissed the inside of her leg. He moved up and teased her clit with a quick flick of his tongue. This time, her moans were even louder. She was already wet with anticipation. Her pussy ached for attention. To be touched. To be licked. To be fucked. She couldn’t take the teasing anymore. She grabbed his head and pushed it down so that he would get the message. Another, huge shockwave of pleasure took control of her body as his tongue finally went to work tasting the wetness that her pussy had been reduced to. Dante ate her out slowly, savoring the taste of her juices and the sounds of her moans. He grabbed her hips and let his tongue plunge deeper, while May began to grind her hips into his mouth. She was almost there, she was at the edge. Just one more well placed stroke of the tongue and she’d…there it was. Her back arched which drove his tongue even deeper inside her and her hands whitened while she gripped the sheets she was laying on.

“Fuck me!” In between her moans, that was all she managed to get out. His beard was drenched and if she wasn’t craving his dick at the moment, she might have actually stopped and laughed. But as soon as he rose up, she pushed him on his back and unbuttoned his jeans so that in one fell swoop, she could yank them and his boxers off and let them join her own pants and panties. His erect dick had length, that was certain, but it was more importantly, thick. Her lips parted, and slowly she took it into her hands and let her mouth consume the entirety of it. It was his time to moan. His time to enjoy the pleasure of her mouth. He watched as her head bobbed up and down, using her hand to stroke whatever part of his dick that wasn’t currently in her mouth, and her tongue wrap itself around every inch of his manhood. He couldn’t find words to describe how good it felt, but he nearly came on the spot when she looked up and stared into his eyes while she did it.

“This is my dick. Watch me please my dick.” She didn’t have to say it. Dante could read her eyes. Before he couldn’t control himself, Dante lifted her head off of his dick, and pulled her on top of him. She hovered over his dick, positioning herself, and slowly lowered herself onto it. The two of them both let a soft moan escape their lips as she slid down his pole. Her wet pussy wrapped tightly around his hard dick, which filled her and hit walls that she thought weren’t even there. And that was when she started to ride him. Back and forth, letting his dick slide in and out of her slowly, before she switched to bouncing up and down so that they could hear the sound of her ass smacking against the upper part of his thighs. Dante must have grown tired of his non-dominant state, and eased her off of him and instructed her to get on all fours. She obliged; giving her ass a little shake in the air while she waited. His hands grabbed the sides of her hips, and he slid into her pussy slowly. And then his strokes started going deeper. And faster. And harder. May muffled herself in the pillow while Dante fucked her hard; making sure she smacked her ass while he did it.

“Who do you belong to?” She didn’t want to answer him. But she did anyway.

“You.” Maybe it was just the timing, maybe it was because he seemed to add an extra hard thrust when she answered, or maybe it was because it made her extra wet to admit out loud that her entire being belonged to him. That she was his little whore. Or maybe it was a combination of the three. But as soon as she managed to answer the question, her body went into another convulsion and she once again found herself being taken over by a powerful orgasm. He pulled out as her body twitched and shuddered, while her moans reached their peak. But he wasn’t done. He flipped her onto her back, and plunged inside her. There was no warning; no taking it slow like the other two times. He started off pounding her pussy, not giving her a chance to recover from her orgasm. He grabbed her legs and pushed them up so that her knees were nearly tucked into her chest, and dove even deeper inside of her. May grabbed his back and dug her nails into it, while she buried her mouth in his chest so that she could scream to her heart’s content. Her pussy felt so good to Dante. It was so tight…it squeezed him with each thrust. “Cum inside me.”

Maybe it was because of how tight she was. Maybe it was because of how wet she was. Maybe it was because he loved it when she played the part of his whore. Or maybe it was a combination of the three. But he couldn’t take it anymore. It had welled up inside of him, and it was his turn to let his body go into convulsions. “Oh fuck…” He obliged her request. He filled May with everything that he had; everything that she had earned.

“I hate you.” Several moments passed before the two were recovered enough to talk. “This wasn’t supposed to happen…” May was legitimately upset with herself. She was also legitimately upset with Dante, and the fact that he still had that damn smirk on his face.

“Is it that wrong that I wanted to fuck my girlfriend?” Dante pulled her in close and he had to admit, he loved the smile that appeared on May’s face. But then she pushed him back and let her smile fade.

“Don’t even…you know it’s not going to happen. The boss would-“

“Fuck him, I quit.” Dante cut her off and nearly left her speechless. “I got a job offer today…” He couldn’t even finish his sentence. She had managed to figure the rest out herself and silenced him with a long, passionate kiss.

“Why didn’t you tell me, you jerk!” It was hard for her to look angry while she was cheesing so hard.

“I liked seeing you squirm like that. You were all prepared to break it off and everything too. I wanted to at least let you think it was going to happen like that.”

` “I hate you.” May smiled and laid her head on his chest so that he could listen to his heartbeat. Finally, he was all hers.



I was not magnificent I chased everyone away within my sight 

Now there’s whiskey on my left side

And gin on my right 

Someone send me an angel, im chasing demons away tonight 

With my words slurrin, world twirlin, I can’t walk without hurlin 

I don’t fear the shadow of death because my vision won’t stop blurin

This self-destructive life has gotten way too alluring 

Or is this feeling that’s what’s keeping me alive?

Is it too late to save my soul?

Will I ever be alright? 

But I’m a warrior,

so you’ll never see me cry 

At the rate that im going,

I think you’ll sooner see me die 

I’m a mess

I need a bullet in my chest 

I need to swallow a couple pills 

I just need to go greet death 

I’m sorry, it might be hard to hear this 

My sickness, word vomit 

I just hope you can forgive it

I’ve caused nothing good, just pain 

And If I really think about it

I probably stole all that I gained 

I’m worthless,

I promised I’d never sink this low

This is why I hate opening up

I know how these talks go 

So no

Don’t waste your breath 

Don’t try and help 

I’m looking in the mirror

I really hate myself 

Yes, I know that I’ve been blessed

But what good is that 

When I can’t find any good left 

And Even im disgusted

And even im disgusted by the skeletons that I found 

my closet is overflowing 

I don’t know what I’m doing

I guess this is what it’s like

To try and kill yourself

Will my life end in a period 

My flame snuffed out 

Will I be finally defeated 

Or will I fail at this too

What more can I not do

Is it time for game over 

Or is it To be continued like 


help me pick up the pieces 

I’ve got to be stronger than this 

I know I can beat it

Everyone’s expecting me to fail

Deep down, maybe I am too 

When I was at my lowest,

Who could I turn to 


Stop putting everything on yourself 

You aren’t a one man army 

It isn’t weakness to ask for help 

I know,

I mean what are friends and family for

This was all just something Id rather deal with myself 

I’m better 

I look back at my own weakness

Even I can’t believe that I was almost defeated 

I’m finally starting to love myself 

I don’t need to be perfect 

I love the cards I’ve been dealt 

I know that I am worth it

I probably had you scared 

I’m sorry 

I had myself scared too

With everything I would have gave up 

How could I have been such a fool

I survived the darkness in my life 

If you’re going through it so will you

I’m going to be magnificent 

I’m going to be magnificent 

And you’ll be magnificent too


She was divine
I think I saw heaven behind her eyes

Her only wickedness lie between her thighs 

Normally I’m not shy

But around you; I’m tongue-tied

Will you ever be mine?

Will you be my sun 

My warmth; telling me the loneliness is done 

Or my moon

Making me pray night comes soon  

You make me hunger like the wolf 

But your wickedness is what I’ll consume

I’m just ahead of myself 

I think I really need some help 

Do you even look my way?

Have you felt the things I felt?

All I really know is I want to be with you 

And her name is…

To be continued